Peak Anti Pigeons - Better Value For money

Peak Anti Pigeons - Better Value For money

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Better value for money!!

Train(Form) a barrier of practically invisible protection, assuring(insuring) the preservation and the hygiene of the building(ship), while protecting birds.

For the protection of ledge of a width superior to 12 cms and in more we can use 2 rows of peak ultra 2 what will return cheaper than the anti peak pigeon ecopeak E6.
It is this day, the peak was anti pigeon of protection the most adapted to all the protections anti pigeon and the peak chosen by the great majority of the professionals.

Easy of installation by collage(sticking) to the silicone, the screwing or the nailing, the peak anti pigeon settles(arises) on every types(chaps) of supports (zinc, wood, stone, concrete, reinforced concrete, mortar of cement, marble, metal, etc.). Stainless steel stalk of diameter 1,3 mm. Dimension produces: length 31 x larg 10 x high 11 cms 18 stalks on 1 row. Width protected by the peak: 9,5 cms a 15 cms. The meter

Main advantages: the peak pigeon is easy to install(settle), discreet, special gutters, reliable

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PACKAGING 40 mètres

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