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NUISIPRO it is more than 3 000 customers in all Europe. We send more 30 parcel in everyday life.
          Our customers estimate(appreciate) our availability, the advice(councils) of our specialists and especially our ability to react.

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You are one private individuals, a professional, an administration or a community, NUISIPRO has the solution of your problems!!!

Specialized in the fight(wrestling) against the harmful, NUISIPRO welcomes you in the shop of Lyon and on its site of on-line sale.

You will find in our shops a complete range of products to live in a healthy environment, without harmful.

We practise the wholesale, half-big and retail at the best prices, whom you are in France or abroad.

Place your order very easily on our online shop, and choose the method of payment which you wish (check, credit card, invoice,

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